How friendship became more…

Text by Tina: Hanna and I met about 13 years ago. Why roughly? We’re both trying to remember the exact date, and it’s all pretty vague. Back then, I was still afro spirit and braiding cornrows. Anywhere and anytime. Sometimes in the park, sometimes at the river, sometimes at the lake, sometimes in the swimming […]

Shooting with Geraldine Fonder ❤️

Incredible things happen when creative minds come together.Especially when Patrizia Metzger from Blumen Graben invites you to a shoot to bring the idea in her head to life and assembles a team of power ladies to help her realize her vision. Check out the incredible result – ISSA VIBE ❤️ A big thank you to […]

Natural – the Curl-ish Song

Naturalby Shedea Dona & Simiux As you may already know, Curl-ish is about self-love and self-acceptance. Additionally, Curl-ish is about love and celebrating natural curls. We wanted to put all this into one song. Together with Shedea Dona & Simiux we wrote the song Natural to strengthen our environment to love ourselves with all facets. […]

Shedea Dona & Curl-ish

The power of natural beauty Two have searched and found each other. In March 2021 there was a knock on the door or the inbox with a request for a collaboration with the singer Shedea Dona. It was love at first sight and the beginning of a wonderful love story ❤️ See it yourself: Our […]

Good & not so good news..

Good news first.. It’s been a while since our last blog entry. Almost a year, to be exact. A lot has happened in that time. Curl-ish has literally exploded. We can hardly put into words how overwhelmed we are by the huge demand. Unbelievable. Unfortunately, the great demand also has a catch and our Curlys […]

Interview with Anna from Afrolocke

Anna from contacted us a few weeks ago. She told us that she would like to do an interview with us. Can you imagine how excited we were? Our very first interview. Yessssss! On Saturday, March 16, 2019, the time had come. Anna joined us in the salon with her sweetheart. With her warm, […]

DevaCut & the amazing transformations

  We are amazed over and over again by what a DevaCut and the right products can do for curls. Before and after pictures always blow us away. What exactly is a DevaCut? The Deva Signature Waterfall Cut for short, DevaCut, is a unique cutting technique developed by DevaCurl to make curls shine in all […]

Open Day

On Saturday, November 17, 2018, we celebrated the open house. We already moved into our new location on Regensbergstrasse in October, but because of all the arranging, we kept postponing the opening. We wanted the salon to be perfect before the big celebration. After 1.5 months, we thought the word opening was a bit out […]

Photoshooting for our website

Text by Tina: For creating our Curl-ish homepage, we sometimes sweated blood. And more than just a drop. Uffffff… It was no bed of roses. We made the whole homepage by ourselves. The woman is herself. Yes! We had a little help from outside for the complicated settings. The prouder we are now of the […]

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