Open Day

On Saturday, November 17, 2018, we celebrated the open house. We already moved into our new location on Regensbergstrasse in October, but because of all the arranging, we kept postponing the opening. We wanted the salon to be perfect before the big celebration. After 1.5 months, we thought the word opening was a bit out of place and decided to have an open day. We wanted to do something special for our guests and put some thought into it. We already knew two years ago when the idea Curl-ish was born that we wanted to have a goody bag for the opening. But what should go into the goody bag? The question of questions. The goody bag should be personal and reflect our Curl-ish feel-good oasis. After a few DIY tutorials, we decided to sew scrunchies out of African wax. But that wasn’t enough. Something was missing. During our photo shoot for our website, which Dezhign Digital Artworks organized, we met Nelsie. Nelsie creates rich cosmetics for skin and hair from all-natural goods, like shea butter or coconut oil. She gave us homemade leave-ins and conditioners to try, and we were convinced from the first moment. Exactly THAT was still missing in our goody bag, and the goody bag was thus complete and, above all, perfect. Nelsie was infected and inspired by our drive. Why make the leave in’s and conditioners just for the family? They are sooooooo good; everyone should be able to enjoy them. Why not make a cosmetics line out of it? And so, Nelsie Cosmetics was born and launched at our open house. What else was there? Hmm… Right. There was another table with delicious snacks and drinks for our dear guests. The crowning glory was the cake with our Curl-ish logo on top of it. The cake was a feast for the eyes. What did it taste like? Simply delicious! Biscuit with vanilla flavor and chocolate filling. Mmhhhh I’ve ordered a few cakes like this before and was usually disappointed with the inside, so I just have to repeat it: the cake was delicious ???? Not to forget the photo corner. Dezhign Digital Artworks also organized this. After our guests received small hairstyles from us, they were captured by the camera. Wonderful memories. Thank you to everyone who found time to visit us that day. Thank you all for the loving gifts. We are touched ❤ See you at Curl-ish with us again soon… Tina & Hanna Here are a few impressions from our open house:  

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