DevaCut & the amazing transformations


We are amazed over and over again by what a DevaCut and the right products can do for curls. Before and after pictures always blow us away.

What exactly is a DevaCut?
The Deva Signature Waterfall Cut for short, DevaCut, is a unique cutting technique developed by DevaCurl to make curls shine in all their glory. The DevaCut is applied to dry hair. It is cut curl by curl.

In our blog entry about Hanna’s trip to New York, where she visited the DevaCurl Academy, we shared a link from DevaCurl with Davor and pictures of curly heads around the world. Here we have a few photos of curly heads who visited Curl-ish and left our salon curly-hearted and entirely happy:


By the way… you can find more pictures on our Instagram page Curl-ish or Facebook under Curl-ish. The galleries are constantly being expanded.

I am just saying, not without my DevaCut ????.

If you want to book a DevaCut with us, you can contact us by phone or email or book an appointment for your DevaCut incl. consultation right away via our booking tool on our website. If you booked an appointment for a DevaCut at Curl-ish, please come to the salon with your hair already washed. Skip the styling products & leave-ins and fully enjoy the DevaCut experience.

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