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Report from June 2024 (Tagblatt Zurich)

June 2024

Open-air stage as catwalk

At the Afro Summer Jam cultural festival (July 6/7, Landiwiese), there will be music as well as a fashion show that aims to combine international styles and dispel outdated ideals of beauty.

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Report from summer 2023 (bridal magazine)

Summer 2023

Glamour & Glitzer

The bride and groom are dazzling and extraordinary. Their unique wedding in roller skates and glitter dress style energetically transcends traditional boundaries. Here we present a selection of styles, inspiration and accessories to complete this look of glamor, glitter and fun…

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Hair as a Political Issue - Interview with Brigitte Fässler

May 2023

Hair by Curl-ish

A multifaceted art project by Brigitte Fässler, along with various phases of a creative process, not only helped two young Black daughters improve their complex relationship with their hair.

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Report from October 2022 (Limmattaler Zeitung)

October 2022

Nicky B Fly, 32, from Zurich Schwamendingen, who mixes English with Lingala and Swiss German in her songs, won CHF 50,000 at the Cokestudio Soundcheck. She wants to encourage others with her lyrics.

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Interview with SRF

February 2022

Women with Afro Curls - A long history of discrimination

Women with afro curls often face discrimination and prejudice because of their hair. Therefore, they hide their afro under wigs or stretch their curls with harmful chemical agents. This is not about style, as rec. reporter Sofika Yogarasa learns.

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Interview with Sonrisa

September 2021

From wavy to frizzy: FAQ for curls of all kinds.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

What are you doing when you don’t know anything about a subject, but you really want to give it a stage?

Obviously you ask people like the two adorable hairstylists Tina & Hanna from Curl-ish, who gave me their best tips for the following FAQ about curls of all kinds, for help.

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Dedicated themselves to Afro: Tina & Hanna have opened a salon especially for curls.


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Interview with Transhelvetica #64 Schwarz

April 2021

In front of the scene: Afro experts Hanna & Tina

Text – Aurelia Schoeb / Image — Caroline Krajcir

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Interview with Schweizer Illustrierte

April 2021


Proper care and handling of your Afro

The selection of products for Afros in this country is as limited as the education about its care. Tina Berner-Azigbo, proud afro wearer and hairdresser, explains how to handle the delicate hair – and appeals to patience and self-confidence.

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Dedicated to Afro: Tina & Hanna opened a salon specifically for curls.

Image: Erik Mclean/Unsplash

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Interview with

April 2020

“Keep it frizzy” – how two women from Zurich support the natural hair movement

While more and more dark-skinned students are being sanctioned because of their hair in the US, Tina and Hanna run a hairdressing salon in Zurich with a lot of “Afro-love” only for curls. Shortly before the lockdown they told us their personal (hair) story and why they want to prevent Afro hair from being considered unkempt.

A menacingly rising mountain of dark curls and a father armed with comb and brush, ready to enter the ring against the hair – a scene of the short film “Hair Love”, which was awarded Best Animated Short Film at this year’s Oscars just before the global lockdown. The director of the story, in which the father does eventually succeed in naturally taming his daughter’s unruly afro, had invited a very special guest to the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles that night: Student DeAndre Arnold from Mont Belvieu, Texas.

The 18-year-old gained notoriety shortly before when his school’s administration instructed him that he would have to cut off his dreadlocks due to the official dress code if he wanted to attend his graduation ceremony. DeAndre fought back – successfully – and received celebrity support from the likes of US comedian Ellen DeGeneres and singer Alicia Keys. His story is symbolic of the increasing number of cases in which dark-skinned students from the US have been sanctioned for the way they wear their hair.

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Nicole Vögelin, Tina Azigbo and Lina Rasheed

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Interview with WOZ – Die Wochenzeitung

June 2019


Three realities

By Katharina Rusch and Mandy Abou Shoak


Hairstyle without disaster!

“I am half Nigerian and half Swiss, wife and mother of two children. I am also the co-founder of the hair salon Curl-ish. We are experts in wavy, curly and ‘kinky’ hair. I am a doer. I like the feeling of achieving my goals. But it was a big challenge not to lose focus on the way to self-employment, besides wage work and family obligations.

We started Curl-ish because there are not enough hair salons that know about curls, no matter what kind. From my own experience, I know how difficult it is to find a salon where you feel understood and do not have to fear that the visit will end in disaster. After all, this hair has its own dynamics. To shine in full glory, they need to be cared for differently than straight hair.

It is heartwarming to see how more and more young women wear their hair naturally, have the courage to stand by themselves and their curls – and accordingly no longer stretch their hair. We would like to accompany people on this path in our salon. Not to be underestimated, these places are also social meeting places where women come into contact with each other and have time to exchange ideas.”

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Anna from Afro Curl and Hanna in conversation….

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Interview with

April 2019

Interview with Curl-ish – How do you actually cut curls properly?

Tips and tricks for your natural curls

Finding a hairdresser who knows about natural curls is quite difficult. Often you despair on the search and let not every conventional hairdresser work with your curly mane. Cutting afro curls and frizzy hair requires a lot of love for the hair from the professionals.

We visited Hanna and Tina from Curl-ish in Zurich. Since October 2018 two curly heads who love their natural curls and have been bringing natural curls from wavy to kinky curly hair to life in their beautiful salon.

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