Shedea Dona & Curl-ish

The power of natural beauty

Two have searched and found each other. In March 2021 there was a knock on the door or the inbox with a request for a collaboration with the singer Shedea Dona. It was love at first sight and the beginning of a wonderful love story ❤️ See it yourself:
The power of natural beauty
Our first project The power of natural beauty with Shedea Dona exceeded all our expectations. The video is a complete success and we are super happy. Main actress & concept: Shedea Dona Coordination & hair: Curl-ish Video & editing: Dominic Richter ( Makeup: Rebecca Hoffmann Makeup Catering: Mrs Realindependent A big shoutout and Thank you to the beautiful squad: @chosen_eve @marcjberner @melvinmerch @k4njeh @aindel Follow & support ❤️

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