Redman in the house…

Text by Tina:

In the meantime, it’s well known that my cornrows are art pieces. I get called when a world star, a celebrity, is in town and needs some Rows. That’s how I met him, the legendary Redman. When they said I would meet him at his hotel and do his cornrows in his room, I was initially a little nervous. So I called my roommate, and she joined me as my assistant. I already thought Redman was a funny guy, but I wouldn’t have guessed that he had sooooooo much humor and was down to earth. He greeted us warmly in the lobby with a hug, and after a short back and forth, we went to the room. When we got there, we first undid his braided hair, which still needed to be washed. And quite urgently. During the hair washing and the shampooing, he moaned constantly and said:
Harder, harder… Please be tougher…
I really couldn’t laugh any longer, and even now, I still have to smile when I think back on it.
The hair washing, accompanied by quite a lot of laughter, was then over, and we continued with the business—the hairdressing. During the braiding, he kept mentioning that he was hungry. I asked myself, why doesn’t he just call room service?
This question remains unanswered to this day.
After Redman had his hair nice again, he took some time for a few pictures. Among them are a few very personal snapshots. Snapshots that have nothing in common with his gangsta image. He also asked me not to publish them. I will respect his request.

It was an afternoon I won’t forget in a hurry.

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