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All our haircuts are done on dry hair. This means you should come with dry and open hair (washed and detangled with conditioner while wet). After washing, use only a leave-in conditioner. Please do not use styling products like gel. If you book a haircut without styling, you will also leave with dry hair.

Explanations and differences between these two haircuts can be found on our website under CurLexikon.

During a styling appointment, your hair will be washed after the dry haircut. Suitable care and styling products for your hair’s curl pattern will be applied. The curls will then be dried using a diffuser.

This haircut is specifically for coily and kinky hair types (Type 4, Afro-textured hair). Please come to the appointment with styled hair. You can also book a styling session before the haircut.
Styling is not included when booking color, bleaching, or highlights (Pintura Highlights). If desired, please book styling separately.
We have a small selection of synthetic hair available. Please contact us to discuss the details.

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