What We Do

Welcome To Curl-ish

Welcome to the wonderful world of Curl-ish, where everything is about curls. But not simply curls since curls come in all imaginable forms:

Wavy – Curly – Afro

Besides a perfect haircut we offer you a personal consultation that matches your type of curls. We show you how to style and take care of your crown. For each curl structure we offer the appropriate products.

Additionally, we organize interactive workshops to teach you “protective hairstyles”, curl basics and other instructive methods on how to revive your curls. Certainly we also dye hair, and if you need an individual hair type specific consultation we are the right address for you.

Little curly heads are very welcome as well. We have suitable child care products and show you how to tame even the wildest mane of your loved ones. A small play area with books and coloring materials ensures that your child will not be bored

Our History

Who We Are

We are Tina and Hanna. Two through and through curly heads. Our magnificent curls are what we have in common at first glance. We are two young women with the same vision. Each of us had to learn to accept our curls, to properly take care of them, to love them, and to wear them with pride. The moment when we accepted our curls and perceived them as part of our personality was a milestone in each of our curly lives.

We are hiring

Ladies and / or Gents Hairdresser