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How It All Started

Since childhood we were taught that only straight hair is beautiful. Like many, we have fallen for this ideal of beauty for way too long. Already in early childhood the hair is chemically treated, structures are changed and the hair is straightened with aggressive products. Thus, the child is taught at an early age that his natural hair is not beautiful.

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This in turn leads to a consumed perception and unfortunately too often to a crack in self-esteem. Oh, and this self-esteem…

This self-esteem has sometimes suffered from wanting to belong in an environment without one’s peers. Without people who could serve as role models. We thought we were already conspicuous enough, we didn’t need our hair to stand out as well. The fact that at that time, when we were teenagers, that there was no hairdresser around who knew anything about natural curls didn’t really help the matter. We were on our own. It took years to fight our way through the product jungle, to get to grips with our hair and find out what was really good for our curls. Trips to the US, where many products come from, research on the Internet and self-experimentation have shown us the way.

Luckily, however, we have all that behind us and can now wear our curls with love and confidence and can enrich the world with our curls. But to get here, we had to throw all beauty ideals and all knowledge about hair over bord and start over again. Because it starts early.

And that’s exactly why we created Curl-ish!

Because curls can also enchant and have done so for a really long time, how else would Marilyn Monroe, Lauryn Hill, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alicia Keys or Solange have become style icons?

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